International Lunar Observatory Association News

Volume 2, Issue 6 – November-December 2007 – Hawai‘i Island

ILOA Rising With Global, Inter-Global Activity; Working Towards 2010 Moon Landing

Humanity’s return to the Moon – now accelerating with the arrival of orbiters from Japan and China, with India and USA to follow – should be advanced with a 2010 landing of the International Lunar Observatory (ILO).

The ILOA currently is engaging with and confirming top-level partnerships for payload delivery and operational services from NewSpace firms SpaceDev of California USA and Odyssey Moon of Canada and related international partners. With a new contract to be confirmed, SpaceDev is expected to define the science payload as initiated in its 2003 Phase 1 ILO study. Technical specs are being reviewed and discussed among ILOA Science Directors, including astrophysics in the UV, optical and VLF wavelengths and galactic center ‘first light’ imaging, as well as communication and bandwidth potential.

The ILOA Founders Meeting, held 4-7 November in Waikoloa, Hawai‘i, was well attended by participants from Canada, China, India, Europe, Japan, Hawai‘i and mainland USA. Successfully achieved were the objectives of initiating ILOA 501c3 legal status as well as the invitation/confirmation of 15 Directors. The Meeting concluded with a Founders Meeting Statement and consideration of a Board of Directors Meeting in Canada in June 2008.

Other Founders Meeting notable contributions included a sacred ceremonial Hawaiian blessing at the summit of Mauna Kea from the Kimo Pihana family, an inspirational opening address from Apollo/Shuttle Commander John W. Young, technical recommendations/directions from Prof. UR Rao, an engaging banquet presentation from Paul Lowman and group photo from AMIE SMART-1 camera engineer Jean-Luc Josset.

The ILOA is also contracting a professional business planner and identifying a possible long-term Chief Financial Officer in Hawai‘i. Other continuing pursuits are underway with Korea and Malaysia, and international lunar cooperation among space and government leaders in the State of Hawai‘i.