International Lunar Observatory Association News

Volume 3, Issue 1 – January-February 2008 – Hawai‘i Island

ILOA Focuses Galactically to Advance ILO and Human Service Mission,
Business Planning, Financing and Key Partnership Considerations Under Development

ILOA continues its 2008 buildout with recent Director confirmations from SpaceDev Founder Jim Benson, Odyssey Moon President Bob Richards and Canada-France-Hawaii-Telescope Executive Director Christian Veillet. Presently, the ILOA has 15 dynamic and influential Directors from Canada, China, India, USA, Japan, Europe and Hawai‘i, with plans to expand this year.

ILO Phase 6 Payload Definition continues to evolve with prime contractor SpaceDev. Project engineers, ILOA technical Directors and other space experts are working together on payload design, which now includes a microwave radio dish antenna, as well as UV/optical capability. Galactic Center is advancing as the choice for ILO first light imaging, while the Human Service Mission as ILO follow-on rises in importance and immediacy for the ILOA.

ILOA is refining its business / fundraising plan through a recently signed contract with a Hawai`i-based consulting group. With this business plan, and impending 501(c)(3) status, ILOA will present a historic opportunity for International, contribution / participation in a pioneering, inter-global mission.

An equal-share partnership between ILOA and a prominent lunar-focused enterprise remains under consideration. The possible joint mission would provide prime exploration, science and commercial functions, also allowing the possibility for a third partner to step up to sponsorship and/or naming opportunities.

Also in Hawai‘i, ILOA and PISCES (Pacific International Space Center for Exploration Systems) continue to discuss and identify potential collaborations between the State of Hawai‘i and opportunities in astronomy, space enterprise and international cooperation, including cosmic ray research. ILOA gives its official endorsement to Jon Lomberg‘s Hawai‘i Island-based Galaxy Garden.

ILOA‘s website,, continues to be updated with significant mission and organization info, including a list of all SpaceDev studies performed and Founders Meeting power point presentations by key participants.

On 12-13 February, The Planetary Society will hold a workshop entitled 'Examining the Vision: Balancing Science and Exploration' at Stanford University to reevaluate the direction of USA space policy and the VSE. Through its ILO and follow-on human service mission, the ILOA continues to support today’s accelerating Cislunar Development, recognizing the many opportunities that it will bring for American and International exploration of Free Space, NEOs, Mars, Solar System Complete and the Galaxy’s Stars beyond. For more information, please see Space Calendar.

Aloha --
ILOA Executive Committee