International Lunar Observatory Association News

Volume 3, Issue 2 – March-April 2008 – Hawai‘i Island

ILOA Moves Forward with Precursor Mission, Advancing Galaxy Forum,
Private Funding Initiatives, SpaceDev Completes ILO Payload Study,
BoD Meeting Set For July in Canada

The International Lunar Observatory Association (ILOA) is developing a precursor lunar equatorial mission aboard a Google Lunar XPrize entrant's spacecraft. The mission would last 14 days and include First Light Galaxy imaging for science observation, education and branding, as well as other observations and commercial activities. The mission would serve as a proof of concept for valid observation and communications, to lay groundwork and momentum for the ILO-1 Polar mission and follow-on Human Service Mission. Second round funding / investment has been made towards this initiative. A formal announcement of partnership agreement is expected between ILOA and a Google Lunar XPrize Team on 20 July.

ILO prime contractor SpaceDev recently completed its Phase 6 ILO Payload Definition study, which details various suggestions and configurations for lunar-based astronomy and communications. ILOA may contract a near-term Precursor Mission instrument definition study as a next step.

The first ILOA business plan was recently completed with the help of a Honolulu-based consulting firm. The plan was delivered along with a prospectus by ILOA Founding Director Steve Durst in ILOA's first formal funding outreach to Durst Family / Foundation / Organization in New York City. Currently, the ILOA seeks a Hawai‘i-based ILOA Fundraiser, finance officer.

2008 Galaxy Initiative by ILOA, Space Age Publishing Company: Forums 4 July in California, USA; 26 July in Vancouver, Canada; mid-October in Beijing, China; late 2008 possible in New York, USA. The purpose is to explore Galaxy consciousness and education in the 21st Century.

Latest State of Hawai‘i PISCES and HISES collaborations include ongoing initiatives as well as ILOA's offer and outreach of support for joint-Cosmic Ray Research between the University of Hawai‘i Hilo and Tibet University, among other international institutions.

ILOA Board of Directors Meeting is in late July in Vancouver, Canada with the opportunity to meet freely with ILOA Directors and friends from around the world, and to advance ILOA networking and support in Canada.

The ILOA is soliciting feedback on its website, please visit to send a comment or email Aloha.