ILO-X Image with New Mission Patch

28 March 2024 ‑‑ International Lunar Observatory Association (ILOA) is pleased to announce that its second lunar instrument on the Moon now has a new moniker. The ILO-X precursor dual imaging instruments landed on the Moon aboard Intuitive Machines’ IM-1 Nova-C lunar lander on 22 February 2024. The imaging suite includes a narrow and wide field-of-view camera which were intended to image the Milky Way Galaxy and Stars from the lunar surface.

The ILO-X NFOV was dubbed Ka ‘Imi (To Search) in 2022 after a Hawai’i state-wide student naming contest winner’s submission was selected by a panel of respected individuals in the local community.

The ILO-X WFOV, now named Lunar Codex, captured high-res images from the surface of the Moon, during transit, and during Deorbit, Descent and Landing (DDL) with its 186° (fish eye) lens.

Dr. Samuel Peralta bid to name the ILO-X lunar instrument Lunar Codex to spotlight his project the Lunar Codex. Peralta states “ILOA's passion to expand our understanding of the cosmos through observation from our Moon has already fired the imagination of Lunar Codex artists, who've used ILO-X WFoV images of Earth, the Moon, and Odysseus, as inspiration for the creation of breathtaking new art pieces.”

The ILO-X instruments Lunar Codex and Ka ‘Imi are part of lunar history and will remain indefinitely on the Moon surface.
The successes from the ILO-X precursor mission, including the naming of the instruments, aid in the development of the ILOA high priority ILO-1 flagship which is planned to operate from Malapert Mountain NET 2026.

This image was taken by ILO-X wide field-of-view instrument, now dubbed Lunar Codex, during Deorbit, Descent and Landing sequence by Intuitive Machines IM-1 lunar lander on 22 February 2024

More about The Lunar Codex project, and its newsletter can be found on the Lunar Codex website.