Aloha kākou,

ILOA Hawaiʻi invites all Hawaiʻi classrooms to participate in naming one of the two ILO-X Moon cameras. Our ILO-X mission set to launch later this year will take the first Hawaiʻi-based organization’s cameras to the Moon and capture some of the first ever images of the Milky Way Galaxy from the Moon Surface. Because of our connection to the islands as the home of ILOA, we would like this name to reflect the aloha and kuleana we feel towards the people here who support us every day.

For this naming contest we’re asking teachers to engage their students in lunar exploration and propose a name via our google form. We’ll be accepting one name per form and an unlimited number of names per class. Every proposed name must be accompanied by a reason for that name. Photos and videos to support your proposal are suggested but not required. Classes must be located in Hawaiʻi to qualify and can be from a public, private, charter or even homeschool. This contest will run from March 24 until May 26, 2022.

The cameras, one narrow field and one wide field, were designed and built in Canada by Canadensys Aerospace Corporation and will be launched from Florida via Intuitive Machines IM-1 Lander aboard a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket. Their journey is a reflection of the international endeavor astronomy truly encompasses and is a shining example of Hawaiʻi Astronomy collaborations with people from around the world.

Being named from this contest will be the narrow field-of-view instrument, which is expected to achieve the main mission objective of capturing the Center of the Milky Way Galaxy in high-resolution.

The name given by students will be decided by a panel of (5) respected people located in the state of Hawai’i.

We look forward to receiving your proposed names!

Steve Durst, Founding Director
International Lunar Observatory Association (ILOA Hawai’i)

The International Lunar Observatory Association (ILOA Hawai’i), is an interglobal enterprise incorporated in Hawai'i as a non-profit in 2007. The primary goal of ILOA is to expand human understanding of the cosmos through observation from our Moon - with Aloha.

Background music for this video, courtesy of Kaʻahele Hawaiʻi, Kumu Leilehua and Manu Yuen, features ʻOhe hano ihu – The Traditional Hawaiian Flute. Please follow this link to learn more about Hawaiian Nose Flute:ʻohe-hano-ihu-the-traditional-hawaiian-flute/

ILO-X Zoomed in

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