ILOA Hawai’i Shares Enthusiasm of ILO-1 Flagship Mission to Malapert Summit, ILO-X on the Moon, and ILO-C Launching via Chang’E-7 in 2026

by ILOA Hawai’i, 20 July 2024

HKU and ILOA Sign MoU to Partner on the ILO-C Chang’E-7 Moon Lander Mission Launching 2026

by HKU, ILOA 19 June 2024

ILO-X Wide Field-of-View Instrument on the Moon Receives New Name “Lunar Codex” After Naming Rights Auction

by ILOA Hawai’i, 25 March 2024

ILOA Receives First Moon Surface and Lunar Descent Images from ILO-X Aboard Intuitive Machines’ IM-1 Nova-C Lander Odysseus 

By ILOA Hawai’i, 28/29 February 2024

ILOA Receives Images & Data from ILO‐X Payload on the Moon Surface, Celebrates Many Accomplishments

by ILOA Hawai’i, 27 February 2024

ILO-X Instruments Are on the Moon Surface, Teams Hope for Milky Way Galaxy and Lunar Images

by ILOA Hawai’i, 23 February 2024

USA Organization to Fulfill Lunar Astronomy MoU with China Astronomers

by ILOA Hawai’i, 21 February 2024

Ka ‘Imi Goes to the Moon!

by ILOA Hawai’i, 7 February 2024

Astronomy from the Moon: Planned Observations for ILO-X Lunar Astronomy Imagers in 2024

by ILOA Hawai’i, 30 January 2024

ILOA-NAOC Sign MoU for Chang’E-3 LUT Researcher

by ILOA and NAOC-CAS, 12 December 2023

ILOA Hawai’i Announces Countdown to Historic Launch of ILO-X Precursor to ILO-1 Lunar Observatory

by ILOA Hawai’i, 6 December 2023

ILO-X Prepared to Ship for KSC Launch to Moon, ILO-1 Flagship to Follow

by ILOA Hawai’i, 4 October 2023

ILOA Director Visits Prime Contractor Canadensys Aerospace in Canada

by Canadensys Aerospace Corp. via X, 17 July 2023

Western Companies Drawn to China’s Lunar Research Station Project

by Ling Xin, South China Morning Post, 7 July 2023

ILOA Signs LoI [followed by MoU] with DSEL for cooperation on the International Lunar Research Station, Galaxy Forum Hainan and Tiandu Forum

posted by Wu Lei via X, 2 July 2023

Local Kealakehe Student Wins Hawai’i State-wide ILO-X Moon Camera Naming Contest

by ILOA Hawai’i, 14 November 2022

ILOA and Canadensys Aerospace Commence ILO-1 and ILO-2 Mission Development

22 September 2022, via News Release from ILOA & Canadensys Aerospace

Bandung Institute of Technology (Indonesia) featuring ILOA, Intuitive Machines, Canadensys Aerospace

by ITB, 15/16 Sep 2022

Indian Institute of Astrophysics (IIA) Colloquium featuring ILOA Director Steve Durst

by IIA, 23 May 2022

ILOA / ILO-X Naming Contest in the News

by Global Media, 2022

ILOA featured on Earth & Space Reports (Episode #24)

Hosted by Doc William Waller, 25 March 2022

Launch of Moon Camera Naming Contest for Hawai’i Schools

ILOA Hawai’i, 24 March 2022

Canadensys Imaging Instruments Heading to the Lunar Surface this Year

SpaceQ, Marc Boucher / Canadensys, ILOA Hawai’i, 18 Mar 2022

Intuitive Machines preparing for first Moon launch in Q1 2022

By Chris Mathews, Houston Business Journal, 30 Aug 2021

IM Seizes the Moment with Nova-C Moon Machines

By Adam Engelstad for OUTERSPACELAND, 26 Dec 2020

News Release, ILOA-IM Announce Agreement for 2021 Lunar Landing and Milky Way Galaxy Imaging

By ILOA Hawai’i, Intuitive Machines, 12 Nov 2020

International Lunar Observatory Association adds ILOA Hawai’i as trade DBA name

by ILOA Hawai’i, 10 Nov 2020

Robotic Astronomy from the Moon by ILOA

by ROOM Magazine, Summer 2019 Issue

Podcast: Episode 02: Coming Soon, Observatories on the Moon? Featuring ILOA Director

by The Galactic Times, 3 July 2020

Video: AAS 236 Features Astronomy from the Moon Special Session hosted by ILOA Director

by American Astronomical Society, 1 June 2020

Galaxy Forum SEA 2020 features HRH Thai Princess Sirindhorn

by Pattaya Mail, 18 March 2020

Royal Family Thailand News Broadcast / Galaxy Forum SEA 2020

YouTube Livestream, 3 March 2020

ILOA Request For Information: To Land ILO-2, As Backup For ILO-1, On Malapert Mt Or Shackleton Rim, Asap

by SPC, ILOA, 1 July 2019

Video: Re-establishing human Lunar footprint | Coffee & Conversation: Steve Durst

by Asia, 10 May 2019

ILOA-NAOC LUT Researcher Fellow Job Opening posted at American Astronomical Society

by ILOA, NAOC, 20 Apr 2019

ILOA-NAOC LUT Researcher Fellow Job Opening posted at American Physical Society

by ILOA, NAOC, 19 Apr 2019

Lunar Enterprise Daily features ILOA-NAOC MoU Signing for LUT Data Researcher

by Space Age Publishing Company, 16 Apr 2019

ILOA-NAOC Announce MoU Signing Ceremony for ‘Astronomy from the Moon’ to be Held 15 April

by ILOA, NAOC, 21 Mar 2019

Chang’e-3 Estimated Lunar Day-Night Cycle

by ILOA, Space Age Publishing Company, 13 Mar 2019

ILOA Hosts Southeast Asia Benefactors Reception at SSTA in Singapore

by ILOA, 13 Feb 2019

Lunar Expert Hopeful ‘New Era’ Opening

by China Daily [Full Page], Dec 2018

IAF’s Participation in Galaxy Forum 2018 in Beijing

by International Astronautical Federation, Dec 2018

Taiwan Magazine “Young Scientist” features ILOA [last page / in Taiwanese]

by Young Scientist, Nov 2018

ILOA Galaxy Forum Hainan 2018, China features ‘First Women on the Moon’ Essay Contest, Apollo 11 Buzz Aldrin, Astronaut Yang Liwei on 4-7 December

by PR Newswire / ILOA, 25 Sep 2018

ILOA First Women on the Moon Essay Contest Announcement

by ILOA, 13 Sep 2018

First Woman on the Moon Poll

by Space Age Publishing Company, July 2018

Chang’e-3 Estimated Lunar Day-Night Cycle

by ILOA, Space Age Publishing Company, 28 June 2018

Women in Space and on the Moon poster / First Woman on the Moon

by ILOA and SPC (C) 2017

First Canadensys Got a Lunar Rover Contract: Then They Scooped 3 Ontario Drive & Gear Engineers

by Commercial Space Blog, Chuck Black, 21 Sept 2017

ILOA and Canadensys Aerospace announce Lunar Optics Program in continued partnership for Lunar South Pole Observatory

by ILOA, Email Campaign, 27 July 2017

International Lunar Observatory to be Established at Moon’s South Pole in 2019

by Moon Express Inc., 21 Jul 2017

International Lunar Observatory at Moon’s South Pole in 2019. ILOA Contracts with Moon Express for ILO-1 Mission Technology Development; Also Advancing Human Mission, First Women on the Moon in 2020s

by ILOA, PR Newswire, 21 Jul 2017

Galaxy Forum Beijing 2017: ILOA Director On China’s Moon Mission

by China Xinhua News Network Corporation (CNC), 12 Jun 2017

2017 ILOA China Galaxy Forum recently held in Beijing International Convention Center

by Xinhua News Agency, 7 June 2017

China’s Telescope on the Moon is Still Working, and Could Do for 30 Years / ILOA Director at GLEX

by GB Times, Andrew Jones, 6 Jun 2017

‘Maunakea World Park’ Advanced by Hawaii Mayor Kim at ILOA Galaxy Forum Kona

by ILOA, PR Newswire, 12 Apr 2017

Mayor talks Mauna Kea park at Galaxy Forum

by West Hawaii Today, 9 Apr 2017

Regardless of TMT outcome, help shape Mauna Kea’s future

by West Hawaii Today, 6 Apr 2017

Interview about Trappist-1 Earth-like Planets with Steve Durst of ILOA / Galaxy Forum and Chatief Kunjaya of ITB / ILOA Board Member

by Primetime World Broadcast / Channel NewsAsia, 23 Feb 2017

Could Astronomy From Moon Replace Mauna Kea Telescopes?

by Big Island Video News, 21 November 2015

Moon Impactors and Landers 1990-2015

by Space Age Publishing Company, 16 November 2015

Isle Group Reaches for the Moon

by Hawaii Tribune Herald, 15 November 2015

Views Of Mauna Kea Shared As TMT Construction Looms

 by Big Island Video News, 13 November 2015

China Daily News: Probe to Offer New Views of Deep Space

by China Daily News, 10 September 2015

China Lunar Exploration Program, Chang’E Missions 2007-2020

by ILOA, Space Age Publishing Company, 25 November 2015

Moon-Based Telescope Observation Of M101 Spiral Is First Galaxy Imaged From The Moon

by Lunar Enterprise Daily / Space Age Publishing Company, 1 January 2015

ILOA-Canadensys News Release: Commercial Lunar Science & Communications Takes the Next Step

by ILOA / Canadensys, 1 July 2014

Yutu Update

by The Planetary Society Blog, 10 April 2014; (ILOA discussed on page 4 of article)

Astronomy from the Moon: ILOA Acquires Exclusive Images from Chang’e-3 Lunar Ultraviolet / Optical Telescope

by ILOA / Media Release, 19 March 2014

RI Scientists Offered Telescope on the Moon

by The Jakarta Post, 27 February 2014

Lunar Association to Build Center In Waimea

by West Hawaii Today, 21 November 2013

Mission to Moon will Boost Research and Awareness

by China Daily, 23 September 2013

The Private Plan to Put a Telescope on the Moon

by Wired, Adam Mann, 18 July 2013

World’s First Mission to the Moon’s South Pole Announced

by Moon Express. ILOA, PR Newswire, 18 July 2013

International Lunar Observatory Precursor (ILO-X) Fact Sheet

by Moon Express, ILOA,  28 May 2013

ILOA and Moon Express Unveil World’s 1st Privately-Sponsored Lunar Telescope

by Moon Express, ILOA, 28 May 2013

ILOA Joins Golden Spike Company In Pioneering Human Moon Mission

by ILOA, 6 December 2012

ILOA Hawaii to Use 2013 China Chang’e-3 Moon Lander Telescope For Galaxy Imaging

by ILOA, PR Newswire, 7 September 2012

Moon Express to Fly Lunar Telescope

by Space Exploration Network, 30 July 2012

ILOA 2012 Galaxy Poster at Galaxy Forum Kona

by West Hawaii Today and Hawaii Tribune Herald, 21 January 2012

Galaxy Forum Saturday at Onizuka Space Center

by Hawaii Tribune Herald, 19 January 2012

ILOA Demonstrates Lunar-Based Observation / Communication Device From Summit Of Mauna Kea

by ILOA, PR Newswire, 20 December 2011

International Lunar Observatory Association Sets Galaxy Forum, Hawaii

by Tribune Herald, 2 November 2011

Far Out: Galaxy Forum Launches at Scarsdale High School

by The Scarsdale Inquirer, 30 September 2011

Use Nature as a Laboratory to Teach, says Kalam

by The Hindu, 9 September 2011

President Kalam Speaks at Galaxy Forum India 2011

by The Times of India, 9 September 2011

Science and culture connect: Astronomy group uses Hawaii’s scientific history to inspire youth

by West Hawaii Today, 30 January 2011

Speakers Illuminate our Galaxy, Hawaii

by Tribune-Herald, 22 May 2010

Get to Know Your Place in the Universe at Galaxy Forum

by Hawaii Tribune-Herald, 21 May 2010

Stellar academics: Forum stresses importance of astronomy education

by West Hawaii Today, 1 February 2010

Google Lunar X Prize Teams Taking Shape

by, 16 September 2009

ILOA featured “One More Step for Private Moon Mission

by Nature News, 10 February 2009

ILOA Board of Directors Meeting, 5-6 December 2008, Kamuela, Hawai‘i at the Canada France Hawaii Telescope headquarters

by ILOA, 5-6 Dec 2008

ILO featured in “Moon Base Mons Malapert Making the Case”

by AIAA Aerospace America, October 2008

ILO featured in Dutch magazine “De Ingenieur” 3 October 2008

by De Ingenieur, 3 October 2008

Business Plans Three Missions to the Moon

by Vancouver Province, 25 July 2008

Media Release: ILO…Bound for the Moon Aboard Odyssey Moons Google Lunar X PRIZE Mission

by ILOA, Odyssey Moon, 20 July 2008

SpaceDev to Develop Payload for ILO – 1

by ILOA, SpaceDev, 2 Jan 2008

ILOA Founders Meeting Statement

by ILOA, 7 November 2007

Private Sector, Low-Cost Lunar Plan Unveiled

by Leonard David,, 21 Nov 2005

Super Telescopes in Space and on the Moon

By Leonard David,, 9 Mar 2005

SpaceDev To Design Lunar Dish Observatory Mission

by, 21 July 2004

Scientists See Moon as Research Outpost, Training Ground

by Leonard David,, 17 Nov 2003

SpaceDev to Design Lunar Dish Observatory Mission

by SpaceDev,, 25 July 2003